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alt cover|photo by Curtis Williams|IG @iamcurtis

alt cover|photo by Curtis Williams|IG @iamcurtis

Morpheus Jaxen "Negative Space"

Release Date: 2/8/2014 - RFR001

Morpheus Jaxen is an American house music project created in 2012 in Washington, DC one of several such projects by producer/dj and our label founder LaRonn Fryar while experimenting with electronic music in the studio. Morpheus Jaxen started to develop a distinct sound and a compact following. He started his own boutique music label Raw File Recs and released Negative Space in 2014 across all digital formats. The extended play set the aesthetic for the Raw File brand of minimalism and clean production. The approach of creating music from a minimalistic prospectiveness, by adding and removing different rhythmic and melodic elements, give reason to the name of this body of House music. Negative space, in art, is the blank space around and between a subject which creates an image. This style of music starts with a plethora of musical elements playing simultaneously, then lead to a timely removal of drums which may leave the synth or any number of instruments gliding through the air leaving the listener with a different sound and a slightly different feel of emotion.


1. The Noise

2. Responses

3. Crank That Beat For Me