LaRonn Fryar

LaRonn “Jerz” Fryar is the founder of Raw File, as well as creator of Ear Anatomy podcast. As CEO of Raw File, he oversees the development and standard for quality of work produced by the label. Under the moniker Morpheus Jaxen, LaRonn has released two EPs entitled Negative Space and Alias. As a lover of all things artistic, LaRonn’s commitment is to engage and increase the visibility of those in the creative class. He is a trusted source of insight with the ability to recognize fresh music and creative culture.

Justin Henderson

Justin Henderson is the Technology and Operations Director for Raw File pushing the envelope of technology and creativity in everything we do. His passion for music goes much beyond the surface, planting this mindset into our operational DNA. He draws his creative vision from his experience as a drummer and producer. In the most humble manner he truly embodies “Commitment to artistry”.