3 Reasons Why You Need to Listen To LARONN F


We all need a little convincing when trying something new. There’s no difference to this idea when filing through all the new music and artist to add to your playlists. Discovery is such a wonderful thing, especially when you discover a new artist who produces and spins house music. Here are three factoids to cater your mind and ears by hipping you to a dj/producer on the house music underground scene.

1. He’s from New Jersey.

The Garden State produced some the most talented artists in music across all genres. Growing up in South Jersey LARONN F captured all the sounds and vibes from a plethora of cultures. His mother met his father when dj’ing a BBQ in the summer. “I suppose that’s where my love of music literally starts; the love of being around music and treating it as a sort of wall paper of life.”

2. He’s an African American doing house music.

House music rose to prominence from Chicago’s African American music community and then changed into its many forms and sub genres. The history of African American culture using music to serve as a space for community and self-development while also promoting rational and radical political ideology continues with electronic music. "There’s a song I produced where I sampled a Dr. Amos Wilson speech which he gives societal and cultural commentary on the impact of music to the collective mind of the masses. It’s my attempt on making thought-provoking music.”

3. He creates music just for you.

LARONN F produces a kind of light and frothy brand of house music, not the hard and crunchy EDM type. There’s a certain energy and emotion that you can truly feel deep-down in your music soul. His deep house grooves are known to have a melodic pulse and a music heartbeat that flows through the bloodstream, not pulverizing the brain. The music elevates your brain to make you run better, more happy, and even raise the IQ while studying. “I just want to make music that you can listen to in any place, doing any activity. It’s just you and the music fitting perfectly together.”



Knowing where and to whom we market our music makes all the difference. Thriving music subcultures exist in all corners of the world, some huge and sprawling, some small and dedicated. Finding, knowing and exploiting our musical niche is key to our releases and promotional campaigns.

We are a music label specializing in minimal, deep house music, and hip hop, especially instrumentals. Our intention is to play electronic dance music venues, join house music and hip hop communities and win fans.

Niches aren’t always defined by genre, even though our music has more widespread appeal, we start locally. People generally want to see a label from their area succeed. We take advantage of this mentality and grow our fan base close to home before expanding nationally or even globally.


morpheusjaxen_street (finalIG).jpg

+ LaRonn F and his label, Raw File, is creating an iconic sound that is paving the way for a warmer, drum driven, deeper side of house to emerge.

+ Underground he's regarded as an emerging leader of the new sound of house, LaRonn F is renowned for his pioneering music.

LaRonn’s revolutionary sound is an instrumental part of his success, being both artistically innovative and yet easily accessible. He and his label, Raw File, have been credited with creating an iconic sound that has paved the way for a warmer, drum driven, deeper side of house to emerge. 2014 was the year that LaRonn and Raw File began their subtle took over. Continuing to power out singles and EPs, they released Morpheus Jaxen’s “Negative Space”. However, the work of Morpheus Jaxen’s second EP “ALIAS” became the quintessential project which produced the RF sound.

In 2015, LaRonn evolved his project, Morpheus Jaxen, into a more personal expression; releasing music under his real name. Taking elements of the grooves LaRonn has long championed and forging them with song­ based vocals and smooth synth melodies into deep house music, LaRonn looked to challenge conventions with this new direction. The first LaRonn Fryar single, “Stay,”  and the second single “A Little Bit” continues to sell and stream strongly months after its release. In 2018 and beyond, LaRonn is viewed as one of the most in-­demand house dj/producer globally.